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Change More Lives with Your Expertise

Are you a keynote speaker, expert coach, or entrepreneur with subject matter expertise and a burning desire to help others get massive results in their life and business?

Join Daily Path Academy to launch an impactful podcast show that changes lives around the world and acquire high-ticket clients for your business. With our programs & services you are guaranteed to: 

  • Establish yourself as a thought-leader with a top-rated podcast
  • Increase sales, productivity, and customer satisfaction
  • Increase confidence, morale, trust, and better communication
  • Make a bigger impact and change more lives with your expertise

Why Daily Path Academy?


In Daily Path Academy we personalize every experience so you can receive immense value in your podcast journey and business.

One On One Coaching

In Daily Path Academy you are guaranteed results because you're the sole focus in each interaction. No one is left behind!

Additional Resources

In Daily Path Academy you get access to courses and worksheets for all things podcasting, sales, leadership and branding.

Leverage Podcasting to Grow Your Speaking & Coaching Business

Are you committed to making the world a better place by sharing your life experiences and business expertise?

Would you like to change more lives by providing educational podcast content, while leveraging your show to acquire more clients? Making it a true asset.

How would adding hundreds or even thousands of ideal clients and strategic partners to your network each year help your business and mission?

If you're a keynote speaker or expert coach, building a client-acquisition podcast that changes lives around the world would serve your business exponentially. By leveraging the power of podcasting not only are you able to impact lives around the globe but you're also able to acquire high-ticket clients when done with the right mindset, strategies, and systems. 


Meet the Founder Joe Winters Jr.

Joe Winters Jr. is an entrepreneur, podcast consultant and sales strategist for subject matter experts. As the founder of Daily Path Academy, he works with entrepreneurs on creating signature offers that command a premium price and launching impactful podcast shows that grows their network, acquires high-ticket clients for their business, and changes lives around the world.

It was Joe's experience in overcoming homelessness while playing collegiate football and working as a top salesman for various companies that inspired him to equip others. 

This led Joe to launch Daily Path Podcast, a top-rated podcast that provide principles and practices for building an authentic life and business. From monologues to interviewing expert guests, within 7 short months from launch, the podcast expanded to 20+ countries and Daily Path Academy was created.

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What Others Are Saying:

"Joe's expert advice in podcasting coupled with his strategic sales skills has propelled me in business. Thanks to him, I went from casual recordings to getting high-ticket clients month after month. #PodcastGuru"

Jennifer Brianne

"Learning how to use storytelling has helped me better understand persuasion and close more sales while guest starring on podcasts. DPA is your go to solution for storytelling and podcast sales success."

Marissa LeJune

"Joe is a genius when it comes to helping leaders craft a message. Whether that be for a sales pitch or speaking engagement. His expertise is greatly needed and has helped me grow my private practice exponentially."

James Walker

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