Podcasting for Beginners | #310

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Are you a keynote speaker, expert coach or leader with subject matter expertise and considering starting a podcast? In "Podcasting for Beginners" Joe Winters Jr. shares 3 tips for what makes a podcast successful in the long run.


  • Selecting an audience, you identify with. When it comes to podcasting, one must have an emotional connection with those they want to serve, because if they don’t it’s easy to abandon an audience you don’t care about if things get tough. So, when you look to start a podcast, who is that one person you want to help with your story and expertise? That one person represents the community of people your show is made for.
  • Having a strong purpose for your show is essential. With the platform you’re gifted with, what is it that you want to say to the world?
  • Divorce the activities from the outcome. People tend to fail at being great in the process because they’re too focused on the outcome. Which leads to poor outcomes because they’re performing poorly in the process.
  • Value contribution more than the reward.


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