362. Helping People Find their True Gifts with Robert Dousa

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Have you ever considered becoming a life coach for at-risk youth?

On today's Daily Path Podcast episode, Joe Winters Jr. speaks with the Founder of Independent Strength Building Consulting, Robert Dousa about how he helps at-risk students build their lives as well as supporting other life coaches in helping at-risk youth.

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  • Robert Dousa background

  •  The top 2 challenges Robert see at-risk students struggling with

  • Steps Independent Strength Building Consulting take to help at-risk overcome their most pressing challenges

  • Most common misconception held by life coaches that want to serve at-risk youth and what they should be thinking instead

  • How life coaches who want to serve at-risk youth can get their first few paid clients

  • How Roberts near-death experiences changed your perspective on life

  • Personal development practices that has helped Robert grow as a leader


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