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PODCAST SALES MASTERY is a 4-week deep private coaching program for motivational speakers and business coaches who are ready to empower more lives while attracting high-ticket clients with a B2B podcast show. 


Here’s something to ask yourself…

Why do some motivational speakers and business coaches charge thousands or tens of thousands while others only charge a few hundred?

Well, the most successful speakers and coaches all have the same four qualities

They know how to position their value

They can get their clients results

They charge more than their competitors

They have a repeatable client acquisition process

It's not rocket science. They have a structured system that makes it easier to attract leads, convert those leads into clients, and deliver on their promise.

Now think about why you got into sharing your expertise.

You didn't begin speaking, coaching, or consulting to create a cycle of entrapment for yourself or to burnout trying to serve others.

You didn't get into this line of work to be undervalued by others.

You got into sharing your expertise because you wanted to help others get real results in life and business while having the freedom to allocate your time how you desire.


With your own impactful B2B podcast show, you will be able to:

  1. Attract qualified leads every week
  2. Sign high-ticket clients
  3. Empower lives around the world

Equipping you to create the impact you desire without sacrificing family or fulfillment.



  1. Helping you host a purpose-driven B2B podcast show that is a go-to resource for your audience and value-based sales system for your business built on trust and leadership. 

  2. Helping you with magnetic messaging and storytelling frameworks so you can systematically create results-driven episodes in less than 7 hours per week.

  3. Helping you enroll fully committed 4 and 5 figure clients so you can make a much bigger impact without sacrificing family or fulfillment.


Live Workshop

When you sign up for Podcast Sales Mastery, we kick the program off with an online 4-hour workshop to make all the big decisions for podcast sales success in the first week. During this deep dive we will be creating your B2B podcast show, confirming your launch strategy and designing your podcast sales funnel so you can start production and seeing results right away. 

Weekly Coaching Calls

Each week we will get on a high level coaching call to discuss strategy, overcome challenges, and master the podcast sales system for growing your network and attracting high-ticket clients. On these calls you will receive all the support you need for executing your goals.

On Demand Video Trainings

Get access to video trainings that will help you produce your 6-figure podcast show in less than 7 hours per week. Our vault includes everything you need to know about attracting premium clients with your show, booking interviews with ideal prospects and strategic partners, writing episode outlines, leadership storytelling, editing audio, repurposing content, & growing your audience.


We start with a 1:1 onsite workshop where we will make ALL the big decisions for podcast sales success face to face and you learn how to make your money back in the first 30 days.


Don't worry about the tech. We create & distribute your podcast for you. Want to add an exclusive membership for your clients? We can do that too!


Over the course of 9 months you will get real time feedback on your podcast sales performance to help you increase your impact and income.



Now more than ever businesses are going all in with how they lead their employees and consumers.


Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. Now more than ever leaders must understand tools for increasing reach and strategies for becoming more influential. 


We are committed to delivering world-class results to world-class leaders. Together, with your message and our strategies, we will create the change you wish to see.

"Joe is a fabulous resource for anyone interested in a) values-based leadership and b) podcasting"

- Paul Zelizer, Social Entrepreneur Coach & Host of Awarepreneurs

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