338. Going to the Next Level

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Where in your business are you implementing advice prematurely or not implementing advice fast enough? In "Going to the Next Level" Joe share 3 principles that have been helping him move forward and hopefully they help you in your journey.

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  • Be open to advice but know what to implement and when to implement it. Some advice is good advice and you should implement it in this season. Some advice is good advice but this season isn't the time to implement it. Then of course, some advice isn't good advice.
  • Have faith. Unfortunately, it’s easy to dream about something and instead of having faith that we will achieve it, we do the opposite and have faith that we won’t achieve it. Which is us expressing a lack of faith in ourselves and our goals. My question for you is what would happen if you had a dream and faith that you would achieve it? 
  • Stack your skills, elevate your life. Developing yourself as a person allows you to compound your results. How do you do this? By skill stacking. This is when you learn a skill that’s beneficial to you, and after you’ve mastered the skill or can do it effectively, you learn another skill that gets you even better results when you combine it with the first. 


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