Don't Take Anything Personally | #304

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Have you ever struggled with what others think or say about you? It can be tough to navigate the human experience while trying to be all that you can be. In "Don't Take Anything Personally" Joe Winters Jr. shares his experience with how this principle and practice helps him live a peaceful life and how it can help you as well.


  • Principle of the Day: Don't Take Anything Personally
  • What someone else attempt to say about you without any accuracy to who you are is more about them and their world view, not you.
  • Taking things personally will cause you to lose your freedom mentally and emotionally which distracts you from being all that you can be
  • Resolving that you won’t take things personally isn’t permission to not hold yourself accountable. The things that are correct about you and bother you are signs that a change is in order.
  • Resolving that you won’t take things personally is not an excuse to lower your standards. Beware of those who say you are taking their toxic behavior personally, when you reserve the right to remove toxic people, behaviors, and habits that don’t serve you from your space.


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