Be Intentional with Your Actions | #305

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Can someone truly fulfill their purpose in life without being intentional in their life or does someone have to be intentional in their life to fulfill their purpose? In "Be Intentional with Your Actions" Joe Winters Jr. shares 3 tips for being intentional with your actions and how he believes it is required for one to fulfill their life's purpose.

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  • Principle of the Day: Live in purpose, on purpose.
  • When you’re deciding what to do, act in alignment with who you believe you were created to be. Our destiny doesn’t have to tie to the circumstances we faced growing up nor the ones that we might be facing right now. So, when you’re deciding what to do, act in alignment with who you believe you were created to be.
  • Hold the vision you have of yourself when you’re living how you want to live. Who would you be? What will you be doing? How would your home life look? Why is this reality important to you? As you discover these answers for yourself, project them on the movie screen of your mind. Hold it. Watch this film as often as possible and watch how your easy it becomes to be intentional with your actions.
  • What is your routine for celebrating progress without falling off the tracks? If you do fall off the tracks, what’s your routine for getting back on sooner rather than later. Resolve today that you will remain intentional with your actions and if you haven’t been intentional with your actions, then resolve today that you will start.


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